We know the lettings market is very competitive, so our dedicated lettings team will work hard on your behalf. We are passionate about being the best in the local lettings market and we`ll do our utmost best for you. We will identify good tenants, relying on our experience and procedures to select these, after all they have to look after your property as if it was their own.


So if you are looking for a lettings agent who cares about your property and delivers an expert and cost effective, dedicated service, then look no further. We have the drive, experience and proactive approach to identify the best possible tenant for you.


If you have one property to let or are an investment portfolio landlord, we`re here to give you peace of mind and you can choose us having complete confidence and reassurance that we will go the extra mile for you.


Also we can offer the full hassle free property management service. We only use fully qualified and insured trades people. We like to keep everything local if possible and will negotiate favourable rates for the maintenance of your property.



To find out how we can assist you in letting your property/properties, please call into see us to discuss your requirements or phone us on 0161 620 7309.





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